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KSCF 60th Anniversary

“Don’t Stop, Keep Going with Your Neighbor”

November 3, 2008

KSCF 60th AnniversaryLast November 3, KSCF celebrated Its 60th Anniversary. The members of the KSCF remember so well how they started thegroup after the independence of Korea from Japan in 1948.

KSCF asked God: ‘What shall we do for this land and people under the pain’ and then Students decided that ‘Our work is not for ourselves but Min-Jung (Grassroots)’ as following Jesus’ Way.

KSCF 60th AnniversaryThey had set up the Students Social Development Corps and thewent into the urban areas and factories in the 1960s-70s.

After the military coup, Min-Jung was oppressed so then Studentswent into the Democracy Movement against Military Governmentsfrom the 1970s to the 1990s.

But KSCF did not stop their way with Min-Jung Jesus then theyalso recognised why Korean Min-Jung was oppressed.

Hence, they went into a Reunification Movement from the 1980still the 21st century.

Now, KSCF is looking for alternative way under the name of ‘StudentLife-Faith Movement’.

Kim, Oo-Sung GS of KSCF said: “Now then our movements havecheck our life and faith also, so that there are three kinds of elements for student’s life-faith: awareness, involving and interaction.

  1. Awakeness is that deep looking into our lives and what webelieve.
  2. Involving is concrete relationship and involvement in socialissues.
  3. Interaction is relating what we believe to what we are involvedin social issues, but not to separate them.