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KSCF Launches Internship Program 2007

“We are one of Asia”

“We are one of Asia” is the theme of KSCF’s internship programs launched this year focusing on peace and women. The internship program aims to awaken the students to the realities of peace, woman’s situation and the ecumenical movement in Asia. It also aims to animate students to involve in these issues in the Korean context. The Peace internship will focus on the situation in Myanmar and Southeast Asia for the next few years.

KSCF on MyanmarKSCF on Myanmar

KSCF will send interns to Myanmar SCM to establish and strengthen the relationship between the two national movements. KSCF is also cooperating with the BATIS Center for Women, a migrant women’s organization in the Philippines for the women internship program.

KSCF Peace Camp in the Philippines

KSCF Peace Camp in the PhilippinesThe Peace Camp of high school students and middle school students was held from July 28th to August 5th in the Philippines. The participants visited the “Smoky Mountain”, a garbage dumpsite community in Manila. The participants were shocked to see the real life situation of the people in the community, especially the children. Through this program, the students learned about the impact of Globalization in poverty. “I was very angry because they have to live here without alternative for greed of the rich and I can do nothing for them right now” (Kim, Kwan-U. High school student)

Kim Oh-Sung“I thought the children were very smart and bright compare to Korean children but I was afraid that their life has been chosen by that kind of environment in the future” (Choi, Hye-In. Middle school student).

Kim Getting Well

Kim Oh-Sung GS of KSCF is recovering after a kidney transplant operation. Kim thanks everyone for the prayers and support during these difficult times. We wish Kim a speedy and full recovery!