World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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National Movements
Korea Student Christian Federation (KSCF)

General Assemblies
and other activities for 2001

Winter and Summer Assemblies

KSCF had the winter assembly in February and summer assembly in August in 2001.

It is significant that KSCF inaugurated the student committee for 2001 since KSCF had not been able to inaugurate the student committee for 2000. The chairperson is Lee Chang-whee, the vice chairperson is Kim Byung-gon and the general secretary is the Park Byum-ooing.

14 campuses SCM members participated in the summer assembly. The theme was “For Oneness in Ourselves”. They had lectures on the identity of SCM and met with senior friends. After the summer assembly, several campus units of SCM organized summer work camps in the farming areas to learn about the difficulties that farmers face due to the trends of globalization.

KSCF’s Continuous Involvement in the Unification Issues in Korea

Some members visited North Korea as representatives of South Korea youths and participated in the assembly for the unification. They also organized a demonstration against the National Missile Defense System in front of the US embassy.

The Women’s Council and the Council for International Solidarity

The Women’s Council was organized to encourage female students to participate in the life of the SCM as transforming forces. The Council for International Solidarity for SCM was also organized to promote more active involvement in international solidarity. Translating the “PRAXIS” into Korean is one of their major responsibilities.