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Japan Student YMCA

Student YMCA holds
36th National Summer Seminar

September 12-15, 2008
by Nariko Fukuda, SF of Student YMCA

Student YMCA holds 36th National Summer Seminar
Participants from various universities and
colleges, senior friends and people of various
churches gathered for the 36th round of the
Student YMCA (SCM Japan) National Summer

The 36th Student YMCA (SCM Japan) National Summer Seminar was held on September 12-15, 2008 at Tozanso, Shizuoka. This is the annual program of SCM Japan with the object of movement building, awareness raising and leadership training. Around 50 students from 13 universities, senior friends and people from churches and city YMCAs gathered. This year’s theme was “Between the Freedom and Coexistence.” The participants searched the direction of our lives which is facing the flood of information and the expansion of the inequality of peoples’ quality of life.

Mr. Shinji Hamada presented the input on “Human Rights Action for Children” and facilitated a workshop providing the opportunity for the participants to think about the child support and the human rights. Bible Study was held by Dr. Sadamichi Ashina, with the perspective of “Religion and Science.” He discussed the religious pluralism in Japan and Asia, science, peace and ecology issues, and linked them with the messages from the Bible.

At this seminar, we had a pre-meeting for women participants. This year, we had an “Assertion Training” as a joint program, facilitated by Ms. Sanae Yada from Assertive Japan. The participants learned and reflected their experiences how our self-expression was obstructed by gender and other social structures. Student members were actively involved in this program holding informal seminars and reporting overseas programs that they joined. Participants also shared the possibilities of their future direction of the movement.