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The 34th Student YMCA National Summer Seminar and Women's Pre-Meeting

"Today, what is life and how to live"

September 1-3, 2006

The 34th National Summer Seminar will be held in Tozanso, Shizuoka, on 1-3 September 2006. The theme of this seminar is "Today, what is life and how to live". In the present-day society, we live in under the influences of globalization and developmentism.

These issues not only have an impact on the concerns of labor but also on students in their education. Mr. Douglas Lummis, political scientist and anti-war activist, is invited as a speaker, who will help the students to search for alternatives.

In addition, there is a Women's Pre-Meeting prior to the seminar. Yock Leng, WSCF AP women's coordinator, is invited to facilitate a gender workshop to empower the women movement in the Student YMCA of Japan.