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The 11th India Study Tour

February 27 - March 16, 2006

The 11th India Study Tour was held from 27 February - 16 March 2006. This is a one of the biggest international programmes of the Student YMCA of Japan, and was jointly organised with SCM India. The purposes of this exposure trip were: 1) to think about the effects of globalization from the perspective of Asian countries; 2) to understand how other Christian movements respond to this issue; 3) to meet workers inspired to Jesus' teaching through the Bible, and 4) to renew the Japanese participants’ lives with new perceptives, spirituality, and self-realization.

The contents of the program “Workshop About Globalization” highlights inputs on how to understand globalization in the context of Christian faith by theologians from the Bangalore Theological Seminary. The participants also visited slum areas in Bangarore to witness the negative effects caused by globalization. They also had a time to interact with street children at the shelter run by Bangarore YMCA.

In Japan, it is rare to think about the negative effects of globalization, although we can easily access information and news about it. It means that we do not see these kinds of problems as our own issues. However, staying in India, seeing the situation on how people live, feeling the economic distinction, and meeting Christian workers who try to solve the problem, gave us the actual chance to open our sights. SCM India gave Japanese students a big help to see these kinds of problems as their own issues. The Student YMCAs of Japan not only got a lot to think about poverty, happiness, religion, and education, but also a help to change our lives to become a part of the solution to the social and global negative problems.