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33rd Student YMCA Summer Seminar

"Peace, Now – Let's Keep Article 9"

September 2-4, 2005

The 33rd Student YMCA Summer Seminar was held in Tozanso, Shizuoka, on 2-4 September 2005. This year's program was very special because Ms. Nectarinia Jurgette Rocas, the Regional Secretary of WSCF AP was invited as one of the speakers in the seminar.

The Summer Seminar is the biggest national programme of SCM Japan (Student YMCA of Japan) and aims to encourage movement building and social analysis by studying on various social issues in Japan. The theme of this seminar was "Peace, Now – Let's Keep Article 9".

Many of the participants were new to the movement and this was a really good opportunity to introduce WSCF to them. Participants learned and discussed on the issues concerning peace, especially Article 9 in the Japanese Peace Constitution that allows Japan to be a more aggressive player in military exercises. All of us were impressed by Necta's input and she inspired many young students by her message especially at the closing ceremony.