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Japan Student YMCA

Gender Group ‘Miriam’
and Japan-Korea Exchange Program

February 2005, October 2004 & January 2002

Miriam Programme for Women

In February 2005, ‘Miriam’ continues to study on this issue of Violence Against Women, especially on Domestic Violence and its social and gender background with a case-study by speaker who had a experience of Domestic Violence himself as a batterer. He pointed out that one of the important reasons of Domestic Violence is the notion of “male-oriented, manliness society and authoritarian men’s society” in Japan. ‘Miriam’ will continue to focus on this important issue in the following months.

In October 2004, Student YMCA of Japan’s Gender Group ‘Miriam’ held a seminar on the theme of “Domestic Violence – from the point of view of women from foreign countries”. The students learned of the shocking experiences of foreign women from countries such as Philippines, working and living in Japan. The women were usually ill-treated and many of them were also forced to be a sex worker while some of them got married to Japanese men who tend to be very violent towards them.

In 2002, Miriam was held in January. The members shared on the image of women and men to know “what is gender”. It was concluded that each woman is different from others and is important as an individual. They also discussed how the society could be a safe and comfortable environment for women as women could become victims of sexual violence in their society. They observed the importance of eliminating gender inequity in their society and also the need for human relations to overcome the situation. The members concluded that it is very important to accept differences among people. MIRIAM will continue its activities for women to know more about gender, gender justice and to discuss the image women in Japan’s society.

Japan-Korea Exchange Program

It has been 10 years since this programme started and Japan SCM conducted an evaluation together with the Senior Friends for the work done in the past decade in order to conduct a more meaningful programme in the future. They also met some activists in the evaluation process so that students can be further empowered in the programme. Although the social backgrounds and relations in Japan and Korea have changed a lot during last 10 years, it was concluded that the programme is still important to achieve real sustainable peace in East Asia. They will continue to study various social realities with historical and Asian perspectives. It is decided that there will be another exchange programme in August.