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Indonesian SCM takes efforts for religious freedom vs. corruption

August 18, 2011

Indonesian SCM takes efforts for religious freedom vs. corruptionIndonesian Student Christian Movement (ISCM) organized a nationally coordinated action on August 18, 2011 to uphold religious freedom and fight corruption. This action was held as a form of concern about the condition of the nation and the State, many of the problems and the various injustices that cause public unrest stems from weak law enforcement.

Some examples of these injustices are the noncompliance of Bogor Mayor against the Supreme Court ruling on giving the license to GKI Taman Yasmin to establish the a church in Bogor, church destruction, intimidation of people who attend the worship, and the burning of three churches in Pekanbaru-Riau province. The last example of burning three churches in Pekanbaru proves that the state security apparatus cannot provide security to its citizens fairly. To this day the perpetrators of this incident have not been seriously investigated by the police. Arrogance and intolerance of all forms of action are threatening the very value of the Indonesian people-the value of nationalism and pluralism as an independent state.

Indonesian SCM takes efforts for religious freedom vs. corruptionAlong these issues, ISCM is also concerned that widespread corruption is not seriously addressed by the government. Investigation of corruption cases involving politicians of the ruling party is full of intrigue and questionable intentions to protect the interests of certain parties. Government who has the legitimate authority to implement policies to protect the entire Indonesian nation seems to be preoccupied with personal interests group.

Indonesian SCM takes efforts for religious freedom vs. corruptionThese two issues, Freedom of religion and Corruption, came from the realization that independence cannot be enjoyed by many people of Indonesia. Security institutions as an instrument of the state in creating a safe and comfortable atmosphere for its citizens, have lost its legitimacy. GMKI responded to these issues by inviting Christian students in the various regions in Indonesia to demand from the government to exercise its authority on the issues of Freedom of Religion and Corruption, one day after the celebration of the Indonesian Independence Day.