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Gerakan Mahaiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI)

The Worship and Inauguration
Ceremony of Elected Staffs
for 2008-2010

November 28, 2008

The Worship and Inauguration Ceremony of Elected Staffs of GMKIThe worship and inauguration ceremony of elected staffs of GMKI period 2008-2010 was conducted on November 28th 2008 in STT- Jakarta (Jakarta Theological Seminary) hall. The ceremony was arranged by the former staffs of GMKI period 2006-2008. The event was attended by around 100 people. They were Senior Members and Friends, branches members and they who were invited by the former staffs.

The inauguration ceremony conducted after the worship service. The first speech articulated by the former General Chairperson, Goklas Sartika Nababan. She explained problems that faced by the former staffs, especially connected with the case of Salemba 10 land-owning (GMKI Secretariat) that draining their energy. But she also encouraged the elected staffs of GMKI period 2008-2010 to be strong and consistent.

The elected GMKI General Chairperson, Mamberob. Y. Rumakiek, in the second speech emphasized on the commitment in building the nation should not interfered by the narrow-minded interests that only fulfill some people’s interests. Mr. Immanuel Blegur, as Senior Member, passed his good wishes to the elected staffs of GMKI period 2008-2010. He congratulated the former staffs who worked very hard for the organization.

The last speech gave by representative of CCI who hoped that GMKI will continually give progressive and positive contribution to the churches. It is hoped that GMKI will be steadfast, unmovable and stand still.