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Indonesia Student Christian Movement
Gerakan Mahaiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI)

The 31st National Congress of GMKI

November 5-11, 2008

The National Congress is an every two years program of GMKI. It is the highest event of GMKI as an instrument of GMKI’s permanent effort to articulate critical thinking in formulating its objective plans to respond every problem that rose.

The 31st National Congress of GMKI
The National Congress is a biennial program
and the highest event of the GMKI.

The 31st National Congress of GMKI was held in Surabaya, East Java on 5-11 November 2008. The opening Ceremony took place in Petra Christian University Surabaya. The congress was attended by Mr. Freddy Numberi, the Minister of Ocean and Fishery, who came as representative of the President of Indonesia. In his speech, he stated the importance of awareness to the global issues. He also called for the students, especially GMKI to be involved in solving all problems appear in recent time. GMKI as a student organization is to be hoped to distribute its best cadres in building and bringing the nation state of Indonesia from global crisis. As a powerful civil society GMKI is hoped not only act as problem solver but also should not give up in criticizing every unjust governmental policy to its people.

GMKI Former Chairperson 2006-2008, Goklas Sartika Nababan, in her speech articulated that after 10 years of Reformation Era, the implementation of democracy is only limited on procedural democracy. But the main challenge is how to implement substantive democracy in economy and social ground. There is a tendency of majority group who deny the presence of minority as a part of the nation. They tend to blur the value of democracy by subordinating the minor. It intensifies the issue of religious fundamentalism and sectarianism in every part of nation. The violence in the name of religion has mounted and weakened the law enforcement in Indonesia. Goklas also illustrated about campus life, where pragmatism and individualism has reduced the solidarity among society members.

Rev. A. A. Yewango, the General Chairperson of CCI (Communion of Churches of Indonesia), in another speech said that GMKI has given contribution of progressive ideas to the churches and the society for a very long time. GMKI is a well-organized, valid and measurable training organization resulting leaders and pioneers of ecumenism.

The congress was also attended by General Chairpersons of Cipayung group and FKPI: HMI (Student Moslem Organization of Indonesia), PMII (Student Moslem Association of Indonesia), PMKRI (Student Catholic Association of Indonesia), GMNI (National Student Movement of Indonesia), Hikmabudhi (Student Buddhist Association of Indonesia), KMHDI (Student Hindus Fellowship of Indonesia). They were present to give their greetings and support GMKI as their fellow organization.

The 31st GMKI National Congress was attended by 378 participants from 60 branches in Indonesia, 22 GMKI National Executive Committee staffs period 2006-2008, GMKI Auditors, GMKI lawyers, Bina Darma Foundation staffs and 11 speakers (from national prominent leaders and Lapindo Mud victims). The congress forum launched “Be ye steadfast, unmoveable” from 1 Corinthian 15: 58 as fundamental theme for the next two years period.

The forum has also elected the GMKI National Executive Committee staffs for period 2008-2010: Mamberob. Y. Rumakiek as the General Chairperson, Rizal Marcos Lumombo as the General Secretary and Oder Hasan Purba as the General Treasurer.