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Gerakan Mahaiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI)

GMKI Celebrates 58th Anniversary

February 5, 2008

“GMKI needs to be a prophet who cry for a change in many sectors of life; in relation to poverty, and political problems that influence Indonesian democracy system”

GMKI Celebrates 58th Anniversary
GMKI Celebrates 58th Anniversary
LAND AND FOOD. Members of GMKI tackled the
most urgent issue of land and food sovereignty in
Indonesia. Seeing the problems faced by the
farmers and consumers in the country, GMKI
commits greater involvement on the said concern.

On February 5th 2008 the Indonesia Student Christian Movement (GMKI) celebrated its 58th anniversary. This year’s anniversary was celebrated by all members of GMKI in a gloomy situation for several internal challenges faced by GMKI and because of the gloomy national scenario of Indonesia due to the problems of poverty, corruption, lack of education, violence etc. In celebrating its anniversary the Central Committee of GMKI conducted two events, these are:

Focus Group Discussion on
“Self Autonomy of Food Supply and Economic Threat”

Self autonomy of food supply is a basic problem for the Indonesian government. Most of the essential food commodities are still imported from other countries to fulfill Indonesian demand of food. Agricultural sector, as essential foundation of Indonesian people, is still not being paid any serious attention from the government.

Discussion entitled “Self Autonomy of Food Supply and Economic Threat” presented by four keynote speakers, they are: in a negative manner

It was revealed in the discussion that our society, especially students, can do numerous strategies to beat food problems and economic crisis that happen in Indonesia, such as critically evaluate governmental policy that has no advantage with people’s interests. And drawing attention from all party, particularly the government.

Thanksgiving Devotion and the Celebration of 58th GMKI Anniversary

In a modest devotion the Executive Committee of GMKI celebrated its 58th anniversary.

The thanksgiving devotion and 58th anniversary celebration was conducted in GPIB Paulus Church, in Central Jakarta. The celebration was held on Wednesday, February 20th 2008 inviting members of GMKI and its related organisations. There were 210 participants. The sermon delivered by Rev. Saut H. Sirait, MTh (Senior of GMKI on the theme “Rise, and Be the Shoot of Our Nation” (Isaiah 11:1-10). In his preach he reminded all members of GMKI that to be a ‘shoot of the nation’ needs to be the mouthpiece of truth, struggling for equality, and be a shelter for the poor and the persecuted.

After the devotion the event continued by celebration of national and organizational ceremony. General Chairperson of GMKI gave her speech. The General Chairperson, Ms. Goklas Nababan stated, that even if GMKI is still facing several internal problems that it needs to be a prophet who cry for a change in many sectors of life; in relation to poverty, and political problems that influence Indonesian democracy system.

Mr. James Tangkadung, the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sport who attended 58th anniversary celebration of GMKI, gave his speech. He passed on good wishes to GMKI and that GMKI will keep doing constructive movement for a positive change of the nation. Representing Senior Members/Friends, Mr. Inget Sembiring presented his speech.

Mr. Amiruddin, the Chairperson of Moslem Students Association (IMM) and Mr. I Wayan Sudane, the Chairperson of Indonesian Hindu Dharma Family (KMHDI) from FKPI attended the celebration. It is hoped that in its 58th anniversary, GMKI will continually give positive contribution to the Indonesian nation.