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National Movements
Indonesia Student Christian Movement
Gerakan Mahaiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI)

National Congress 2006

November 5-13, 2006

GMKI recently concluded its National Congress on 5-13 November 2006 in Kupang, and a new set of national executive officers has been elected to serve the Movement. The Movement has selected Goklas Nababan as General Chairperson and Naftali H. Jarin as General Secretary.

Prior to the actual meeting of the National Congress, GMKI conducted a series of workshops as a lead-on to the Congress. Among the various workshops was the Women’s Programme which was attended by young women SCMers, as well as women’s organisations which are networks of GMKI. The Women’s Programme saw inputs of Women’s Movement in Asia-Pacific, Women in Public Sphere, Women in the Pubic Sphere, Women and Culture Determination, Empowerment in the Perspective of Gender in GMKI and Women Leadership in GMKI.