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Gerakan Mahaiswa Kristen Indonesia (GMKI)

GMKI's 56th Dies Natalis

February 9, 2006

GMKI's 56th Dies NatalisOn 9 February 2006, the Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia – (GMKI - Indonesian Student Christian Movement) commemorated its 56th Dies Natalis. For GMKI, 56 years is hardly a short period of time to maintain its existence and identity namely: oikumene and nationalism.

For GMKI, this year's Dies Natalis has become a retrospective and historical momentum, an introspection of the forming of cadres approach and the participation of church partnerships, universities and society, nation and state, along with projective thoughts of the continuation and future of the service of the movement. In this year's dies natalis, aside from the Thanksgiving Service and ceremonial celebrations of the movement, several other agendas were carried out namely: talks and discussions with movement leaders regarding various life's problems and the existences of GMKI such as the efforts of the movement in its consistent funding as well as forming of carder approaches and its distribution along with the effective public roles that the GMKI plays. Other programmes included national seminars regarding the life of the society of the nation and state of Indonesia that concentrated on the issue of "Indonesia and its efforts to build a substantive democracy, and in building a national unity that is just".

To anticipate the struggles of churches in Indonesia, the Central GMKI Committee paid visits and worshipped together in churches such as the HKBP Jatimulya Church in Bekasi, West Java Province, that were forced to be closed down by certain parties that were against the principles of the freedom of faith and worship. This development in church environment has become more complex and increased the demands of the GMKI leaders. Therefore, GMKI believes that in the future the work and service of this movement is a long and winding one as it faces challenges in the changing environment of the community and student constitutency in terms of theological structure, interreligious relations, and the dynamics in the world of universities and students' life. However just like the reality of the history of GMKI, that Jesus is always with the movement for 56 years, it is also this guidance that is believed to always be with the future of GMKI.