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Revd. Bharat is new SCM India
General Secretary

March 2011

Revd. Raj Bharat PattaRevd. Raj Bharat Patta, is the new General Secretary of the Student Christian Movement of India.

An ordained presbyter in the Andhra Evangelical Lutheran Church, Bharat, as he is affectionately called by his friends, has an M.Th in Christian Theology and two M.A.s in Philosophy and Contextual Theology.

Bharat is an SCMer to the core and has served the movement in various capacities at both local and national levels. Before joining SCMI, Bharat has been serving the National Council of Churches in India as Executive Secretary of its Commission on Dalits. He also served the Council in other departments such as Youth and Mission.

Bharat was able to make a considerable impact through his NCCI ministry, especially through his publication of books and liturgical resources. Particularly noteworthy are his “A Violent Sight on a Silent Night” and “Lenten Lantern”.

At a very young age, Bharat has proved his leadership skills and has also organized several ecumenical and social campaigns on issues of social injustice such as denial of reservation rights to Dalit Christians. The “Dalit Sunday” observance and liturgy have also been significant contributions of his initiative.

His leadership in the crisis situation following the persecutions of Christians in Khandamal in Orissa was widely appreciated.

Bharat combines beautifully the worlds of action and reflection. During his tenure with the NCCI, he has also demonstrated his skills in forging ecumenical alliances and partnerships both in Asia regional level and at global level.

He has organized several important conferences in collaboration with the World Council of Churches, Christian Conference of Asia and the Lutheran World Federation.

Bharat also served the church through parish ministry, especially in the area of youth mission. His passion for justice is reflected both in his writings and involvements in social action.

Bharat is married to Shiny and are blessed with two sons.

Rev. Raj Bharat was officially installed as the new General Secretary of the SCMI on March 1, 2011 at the National Headquarters.