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National Movements
Student Christian Movement India (SCMI)

Leadership Programmes
for the regions in SCMI

“Mobilisation of Youth for Action”

August 22-24, 2003

Utta Pradesh region: A three-day programme on Christian Youth Leadership was organised at Ewing Christian College, Allahabad from 22-24 August. 43 participants participated in this programme and it covered topics such as Christian leadership, qualities of Christian leader, time management, communication, positive thinking and stewardship.

SCM East unit, Bangalore: A two-day programme was organized for the Church youths on the theme “Mobilisation of Youth for Action”. The programme took place at the National office programme centre. The sessions covered were social analysis, SCM aims and basis and documentary films on Globalisation and its impact.

The West Bengal, Jharkhand-Bihar, Mid India regions organised Perspective Building and Leadership Training programmes for their unit students in the months of August to October.