World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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National Movements
SCMs of China, Fiji, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea

Movements in China, Fiji, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea are not active.

China SCM

Since 1896 China Student Christian Movement was active among high school and college students. In 1910 Pastor Ting Limeiyi set up many China student resolution group. By 1922 its membership reached to 30,000. At the 11th World Student Christian Alliance Congress in 1922, in Peking representatives from China proposed to set up an independent national student movement organization. In 1927 China Christian Student Movement Planning Committee was established with temporary office in Shanghai. It proposed Jesus Christ as root, creating youth fellowship, building healthy and strong personality, seeking liberation and development of common people. This movement gradually drawn into the powerful current of the national student movement. In 1939 the national Christian Inter-Varsity society was established. During the war, the society was not able to launch its activities, soon the movement and society disappeared from scene. Bishop K. H. Ting is one of the outstanding ecumenical leaders from China who has strong SCM background.

SCM in Fiji

SCM in Fiji started in 1960’s but confined to secondary schools until the University of South Pacific was established in 1968.

SCM of Malaysia

SCM of Malaysia started in 1939 and was active among seminarians, church youth and students from high school. SCM of Singapore started in 1939 as part of SCM Malaysia. In 1965 SCM Singapore became autonomous, organizing social work and protested war in Vietnam. Due to various factors SCM of Malaysia is not active at present.

SCM of Papua New Guinea

SCM of Papua New Guinea was started in university in 1974 but became inactive in the 90’s.