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SCM HK Dialogues with
Dr. K.C. Abraham

"Challenges and Prospects of Ecumenism and Ecumenical Movements"

March 22, 2010

Dialogues with Dr. K.C. AbrahamThe Student Christian Movement of Hong Kong organized a mini-forum to have a dialogue with Dr. K.C. Abraham on the topic Challenges and Prospects of Ecumenism and Ecumenical Movements. Around 15 SCM members gathered on 22nd March at the WSCF AP office in Hong Kong. Dr. K.C said, “The word ecumenism or Oikumene is about the whole inhabited world. The unity that is envisaged by it is not only worldwide but also embraces unity of all creation.”

Dialogues with Dr. K.C. AbrahamHe furthered: “Ecumenism consists of a Vision, a Commitment to values, and structure of relationship. We need to strive for vision of unity, relationship of humanity and commitment to values, which can be celebrated. There are three important things to experience ecumenism of freedom as opposed to that of domination: participatory structure, sustainability structure and just structure.

Dr. K. C Abraham is a theologian from South India. A senior friend of SCM India, he became a visiting professor in the Divinity School of Chung Chi College, Hong Kong.