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HK SCMers join anti-speed rail rally

HK SCMers join anti-speed rail rally
HK SCMers join anti-speed rail rally

Hong Kong SCMers joined the Post 80s Anti-Express Railway Group to stop the legislative council members to pass the budget proposal. Kneeling every 26 steps, we urged the government and legislative council members to stop and think before they built the most expensive railway in the world—66.9 billion Hong Kong dollars (8.6 billion US dollars) for 26 kilometers long railway.

Lay people will not use this railway as the ticket is too expensive to afford and the whole Tsoi Yuen village will be destroyed. Only landlords (including those legislative council members who are from functional constituencies) and railway firms are benefit from this project but every Hong Kong people pay 10000HKD (1280USD) for this.

It was the first time for many of us in SCM, to block the road and demand a dialogue between us and the government officials on Jan 16, 2010. Every one of us wrote down telephone numbers of lawyers on our arms, ready to be taken away by the police. Down down functional constituencies! Injustice functional constituencies! We want real democracy!!!