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SCM HK goes to Taiwan for
exposure, friendship

June 11-17, 2007

SCM HK goes to Taiwan for exposure, friendship
Members of SCM Hong Kong join in many
interesting, light but meaningful moments with
fellow SCMers and young people of Taiwan.

Eight young people from SCM Hong Kong visited Taiwan for an exposure from June 11 to 17, 2007. We first made a visit to Meinung to know more about the anti-dam movement and the social transformation of the community. It is a good reflection for us who grew up in cities and made us to think more about the community and the relationship between Hong Kong people and the natural environment.

The second part of the exposure was a visit to Taiwan SCM and the Presbyterian Church. We visited several groups of young people and the churches of Paiwan Tribe, one of the Taiwanese aboriginal tribes (we didn’t know that there were aborigines in Taiwan before the visit!). We knew more about the issues of aborigines and we treasured our friendship with Taiwan SCM.