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Hong Kong Student Christian Movement

New staff, campaigns and activities
for 2005

SCM HK has found a new staff, Angie, who has just started her work a month ago. Angie say working in SCM HK is totally a new challenge for her but she is determined to put in her best efforts to continue the plans and programmes.

This year, SCM HK has put much effort into the anti-WTO campaigns as the 6th Ministerial Meeting of the WTO will be held in Hong Kong in December 2005. However, the media and big corporations have been projecting an extremely negative description of the anti-WTO groups, calling them violent, unreasonable and troublesome; hence many NGOs are finding it difficult to carry out educational campaigns on WTO. Besides these campaigns and actions on WTO, SCM HK also has a weekly study group in the campuses, with different themes and topics for discussion.