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Hong Kong Student Christian Movement

Retreat camp on
“God in the midst of the Church”

June 2002

Various programmes in HKSCM were organised this summer vacation. These include a retreat camp in mid-June, Taiwan Meilung trip in mid-July and an ecumenical dialogue with other Christian denominations and religions in July and August.

The major theme of the retreat camp was “God in the midst of the Church”. Around 15 students attended this programme. In the 3-day retreat, the participants mainly reflected on the gospel that is currently preached in mainstream local churches, comparing it with what SCM believes in. The trip to Southern Taiwan, Meilung where it is famous for its resistance in dam-building, is an exposure to the participants to understand more on how the local culture is preserved and how to build up a community university.

An ecumenical dialogue with other religious parties is the last programme in this summer vacation. This activity involves a dialogue with Buddhism, Muslim, Orthodox, FaLunGung and other local churches. The first installation in this programme is to have a meeting with the Hong Kong Council of Churches. From this meeting, HKSCM hopes to have a better understanding on the history and future of ecumenism in Hong Kong.