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Cambodia Student Christian Movement (CSCM)

Cambodia SCM celebrated
the International Women’s Day

by creating awareness on prevention of domestic violence
against women in Dong village

March 8, 2008

International Women’s Day
SCM Cambodia fights VAW. Domestic Violence
was the major core of the SCM Cambodia’s
celebration of the International Women’s Day.
Both men and women members and other friends
joined in this commemoration of the IWD.

On the 8th of March celebrating the commemoration of the ‘International Women’s Day’ CSCM traveled to Dong village—one of the remotest villages of south of Phnom Penh of Cambodia to raise awareness among the local villages who geographically and financially do not always have access to resources and ideas to improve the living standards of women and children. The theme for the commemoration was “Awareness on prevention of domestic violence against women”. With the financial support of the partners and senior friends from CWS (Church World Service-Cambodia) and ACR (Australia Catholic Relief) CSCM was able to make T shirts as a medium of raising awareness among the women in this small village.

On the first part of the morning three guest speakers shared their thoughts and knowledge on issues that affect women in Cambodia. They also were able to share in practical ways, how we can take better care of ourselves and give extra support to the women in our communities. In the later part of the program the women played quiz games to help all the participants to recall some significant dates, people and events that took place in Cambodia that helped women. This helped the women to gather more information on women’s issues and to develop a greater grasp of issues surround these significant dates and events. Finally a job well done by CSCM and a meaningful celebration of International Women’s day.

Cambodia SCM celebrated the International Women’s Day