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Bangladesh SCM Responds
to Cyclone Disaster

November 2007

Bangladesh SCM Responds to Cyclone Disaster
Bangladesh SCM Responds to Cyclone Disaster
Cyclone Disaster
Cyclone Disaster
FAITH WITH ACTION. SCM Bangladesh braved
the harsh conditions created by the super cyclone
SIDR to reach out and give assistance to the
victims of the said cyclone. They rose to the call
of faith with action and helped in rebuilding the
destroyed houses and endangered futures of their
fellow Bangladeshis.

A super cyclone named SIDR hit the coastal districts, particularly Borgona and Bagerhat district on 15th November 2007. The super cyclone entered the country from northern Bay of Bengal with high tidal waves and strong winds of over 230 km per hours. It also hit the districts of Khulna, Barisal, Patuakhali and Shatkhira. It is not possible to know the exact figure of lost lives and damaged properties, but according to the report of the Government, the super cyclone SIDR was more powerful than the super cyclone that hit the country in 29 April 1991.

These districts are situated on the bank of the rivers Boleshar & Pirya. This rivers are linked to the northern Bay of Bengal and its’ distance is only half a kilometre. So the ‘eye-wall’ (which causes the catastrophe) of the cyclone ravaged through these districts and created havoc, causing severe damage to lives and properties. Most of the houses are destroyed; cattle dead, big trees uprooted, and crops are damaged. The communication was completely disrupted in the affected areas.

Emergency Relief:
The government machinery, NGOs, Civil Society Organisations and general public swung into action in providing relief to the affected after the cyclone passed these areas. Bangladesh SCM also came forward to help the needy. The victims were without any food, drinking water and clothes. BSCM distributed clothes among 250 families (for children and women) who are living in Amtoli, Borgona district.

Rehabilitation Work:
The victims’ income sources have been hampered as the cyclone severely affected livelihood professions such as fishing, running petty shops, cultivation etc. However, what was urgently needed was shelter for the victims. So we helped them in making their temporary shelters. BSCM distributed 19 bundles of Tin among the 9 families who are living in Mongla, Bagerhat district.

This emergency relief and rehabilitation work was organised and financially supported by Australia SCM; Interdenominational Bangla Service, Toronto, Canada; The Leprosy Mission Bangladesh; Ex-SCMers forum “SANKO” Bangladesh and Bangladesh SCM.