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Bangladesh Student Christian Movement

SCM Bangladesh Leadership
and Planning Workshop 2007-2008

June 16-18, 2007

Leadership and Planning Workshop
Leadership and Planning Workshop
Leadership and Planning Workshop
Leadership and Planning Workshop
Various speakers and the active participation of
the delegates animated the leadership workshop
held in Bangladesh last June.

Bangladesh SCM organized a Leadership and Planning Workshop 2007-2008 on the 16th-18th June at BSFB Centre, Mirpur, Dhaka. Seventeen members attended the program. They were Bangladesh SCM Central Executive Committee and Central Women Sub Committee members. The workshop’s facilitators were Dr. Sharmin Rahman (Theme: HIV/AIDS – Basic and Facts), Mr. A. Das Dipok (Senior Friend, Bangladesh SCM, Savar unit) Theme: “Leadership: Evangelism Vs Ecumenism in SCM perspective” and Mr. Alison Subrata Baroi (Chairperson, Bangladesh SCM) Theme: (a) ÒSCM and WSCF: Global, Regional and National perspective”, (b) “Leadership and Organization”, (c) “Human Rights and Gender”.

After the presentations, the participants engaged in meaningful group discussions. Also included in the program was a panel discussion by former central executive committee member who shared about their experience and contribution to SCM Bangladesh. Eight (8) former leaders (Mr. Martin Biswas, Mr. Liton Chatergee, Ms. Monika Biswas, Mr. Prodip Sarkar, Mr. Godfray Rothin Sarkar, Mr. Jhantu Bayen, Mr. Prince Sanjay Saha, Mr. Bartin Gomes), Ms. Christina D. Croze (WSCF AP Women’s sub-committee member), Mr. Dipok Karmokar (Advisor, Bangladesh SCM) and Bishop BD Mondol (Patron, Bangladesh SCM) were present at this session of the program.

Participants shared that they have gained many concepts about WSCF and SCM and the organization’s goal and perspective. At the end of this workshop, Bangladesh SCM’s General Secretary Mr. Prince Suman Mazumdar thanked all who have directly or indirectly helped to organize this Leadership and Planning Workshop 2007-2008 and Bishop B.D Mondol gave his blessing and prayer for the workshop.

Some programs decided by SCM Bangladesh
as per EAP and WSCF’s 8 mandate

  • Leadership and planning workshop 16-18 June 2007
  • Leadership Workshop 23-25 August 2007
  • Women Workshop 4-7 October 2007
  • Golden Jubilee of Bangladesh SCM 23-24 November 2007
  • 19th Central Assembly February 2008
  • Women Workshop April 2008
  • Various Workshops on HIV/AIDS awareness,
  • Human Rights and Environment June 2008
  • Ecumenical/Interchurch and Interfaith gathering August 2008
  • Cultural workshop November 2008