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Central Women’s Workshop ‘07

October 15-18, 2007

The Women sub-committee of Bangladesh SCM organized a women workshop from October 15-18, 2007 at Caritas auditorium, Barisal, Bangladesh. The theme of the workshop was “Leadership and Gender issues”. Rev. Sudatta Baidya, Ms. Hasina Begum Nila, project coordinator, SDS Barisal and Mr. Alison Subrata Baroi, Chairperson of Bangladesh SCM were the resource persons respectively from Church, NGO and Bangladesh SCM part.

Daisy Roy and Monika Biswas, former and present women coordinators of Bangladesh SCM, respectively, assisted with the discussion. Rev. Sudatta Baidya focused on women issues from the Bible in the Bible study sessions and morning devotions. The objective of the program was to encourage and equip women of BSCM to develop understanding of women rights situation in the society, identify problems and solve them, understanding gender issue and partnership, practicing in their life and teaching others.

The 35 members from 7 units of Bangladesh SCM participated and discussed women’s rights, women’s position and situation in family, religion, society and politics, gender equity and genuine partnership and women in a patriarchal society. They also participated in issue-based discussions. They were spontaneous in the sessions and group discussions. On the last day, participants came up with the following issues to be worked out at unit level SCM to enhance Gender equity and women rights.

  • Women should take initiative to solve problems in family and society.
  • They practice and teach genuine partnership.
  • They participate equally with the men in organizational activities.
  • They organize programs on women issues.
  • Value opinions of women.

The participants committed themselves to contribute towards the development of women’s situations in their organizational and personal lives.