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Bangladesh SCM activities


Bangladesh SCM was very active in 2005 and had organised several programmes before the year ended on a high note for the SCM. Activities include a Women's Seminar on 25 November by the Dhaka Unit on the theme "Women & Marriage: Dream, Expectations and Reality". The invited resource persons reflected on this issue from the perspective of social expectations and realities of Bangladeshi women in institutional marriages as well as theological understandings of it. The Women Sub-Committee of Bangladesh SCM also organised a special meeting on 8 March 2006 at the Bangladesh SCM office to celebrate the "International Women Day".

21 participants including 2 Senior Friends, Lili Filomina Gomes and Renetha Lina Ratna were present at that meeting and saw a good and effective discussion on the theme "We want to be recognized not as women but as human beings". The Dhaka Unit also had a joint seminar with Bodar, an NGO actively working on HIV/AIDS. The seminar was held on 6 December 2005 this raises the SCMers' awareness and understanding on HIV/AIDS and its impact on the society. At the same time, the Khulna Unit participated in a rally to demonstrate against excessive price increase on basic daily goods. The Khulna Unit, along with other social movements in Bangladesh, called to the authorities to understand the plight of masses and stop all forms of collusion with the small group of wealthy people. On 6 January 2006, the Khulna Unit also participated in an ecological conference on Coastal Environment that was organised by the environment concerned groups in Bangladesh. This conference raised important issues on the environment and discussed on ways to protect the coastal environment from human-made destructions.

Coming programmes for Bangladesh SCM includes a Student and Senior Friend Gathering that will be organised in April 2006. It is aimed that through this gathering a good, open and communicative relationship will be developed between students and senior friends in the SCM.