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Australian Student Christian Movement (ASCM)

Movement for the ordination
of women in Australia and ordination
of SCMer Jazz Dron

November 2008

Jazz being given robe
Jazz being given robe

In November 2008 Anastasia and I, ASCM women’s officers, embarked on an all-day train journey to the town of Grafton, NSW, for a church service that was to be particularly meaningful for us.

Our fellow SCMer, Jazz Dron, was going to be ordained as a Deacon in the Anglican Church of Australia, a major step in her calling to the priesthood.

It was a great day of celebration, particularly because in some parts of Australia—including Sydney—women still cannot be ordained as priests. As women’s officer with ASCM and a member of the Movement for the Ordination of Women, going to Jazz’s ordination was doubly exciting.

Jazz Dron (left) with friend
Jazz Dron (left) with friend

I was filled with joy to see a friend and gifted SCMer decide to go down this path. It was particularly significant because in 2008 Australia got its first two women bishops, Kay Goldsworthy and Barbara Dowling. These events give me hope and inspiration, enabling me to persevere in the struggle.

Even though there are powerful people in Sydney who oppose women’s ordination, I continue to hope and work for the day when I will receive communion and hear a sermon from a woman at my own church, knowing that in other places women like Jazz, Kay and Barbara are joyfully living out their ministry and calling.