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Australian Student Christian Movement (ASCM)

National Conference 2005
and other ASCM activities

July 2005

In July 2005 the Australian Student Christian Movement joined with the Youth Network of the National Council of Churches in Australia to host a 5-day National Conference in Sydney which was attended by about 17 SCMers and young people from all over Australia. Based on the exposure experience, the conference gave participants an opportunity to spend time in a marginalised community such as a public housing development, a soup kitchen for homeless people, a mosque and an urban indigenous community. The exposures were followed by three days of reflection and analysis, designed to follow the 'pastoral cycle' or 'circle of praxis' of 'See, Judge, Act'. Feedback suggests that the experience was profoundly touching for many participants and made a lasting impact on the way they engage with marginalisation.

In Queensland, a small fortnightly discussion group has been meeting and 250 promotional postcards were sent to students graduating from their final year of School.

In Western Australia, the largely postgraduate group at the University of Western Australia has been meeting with invited guests talking about topics such as spirituality and spiritual intelligence and Israeli-Palestinian relations. An Israeli woman Efrat Wolfson talked about her work with 'Windows', a joint Palestinian-Israeli organisation that promotes peace and understanding between children of different backgrounds in Israel and the Palestinian territories.

In Victoria, a number of SCMers have been meeting informally and discussions have taken place between SCMers and university chaplains at the University of Melbourne, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and La Trobe University about ways of bringing an SCM presence to university campuses in Victoria.

In the Australian Capital Territory, SCMers at the Australian National University have been active in coordinating a lunch time interfaith gathering which was very successful in publicising the SCM on campus and building links with Baha'I and Jewish students. Friends and Students also met for a popular end-of-year BBQ.