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Executive Meeting 2005
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January-April 2005

With tertiary students taking 3 months respite from their hectic schedule of classes over the summer it was a chance for the ASCM to do some socialising as well as some housekeeping. Kate Watts and Bronwyn Hatwell have been sharing the news of the WSCF AP RCM and WSCF GA in Chang Mai. Kate held many evening gatherings of students from many campuses as well as recent graduates in Perth while Bronwyn went to Melbourne to spread the word further and also spending time with Shawn Whelan on the handover process of National Coordinator. 

We also had our January Executive Meeting, in the picturesque surrounds of Tasmania. Many thanks go to Rachel Anderson for finding a beautiful spot for us to forget our worries of day to day life and concentrate on the work of the ASCM. The news from around the country was of winding down from the end of the school year and preparations for the beginning of the new year.

The new year holds many new and exciting possibilities for the ASCM, with new friendships emerging and old ones being renewed. We are particularly look forward to our National Conference in July being organised in Sydney. Following his moving experiences at SELF programme in Jakarta, Tim Ngui has inspired the NSW group to challenge the ASCM members through exposures to the poorest and most marginalised people of Sydney.

We are also looking further ahead with the news from the recent Regional Women’s Committee brought home by Kate of possible events in Australia. It is surely an exciting time to be part of ASCM!