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Australian Student Christian Movement (ASCM)

ASCM 2002 second semester activities

December 2002

The second half of 2002 began very well for ASCM. We had Beate Fagerli, the Co-Secretary General attend ASCM’s annual national conference in Victoria. It was an excellent opportunity for ASCM to learn more about the history of WSCF, at a regional and inter-regional level. Beate helped the ASCMers see the current position of ASCM in an international perspective, as one of many WSCF movements internationally with similar pressures and problems. Beate pointed out ASCM’s strengths rather than focus on its difficulties. This has been particularly important for ASCM as it continues its restructuring process.

The current activities have included:

Western Australia
ASCM in WA has enjoyed many events together in the past 5 months. They continue to meet every month for `Shared Space’ discussion groups on different topics. A retreat running was held for 4 nights with activities focusing on the theme `Mysticism and Christianity’. ASCMers have also been involved in further developing an ecumenical youth network in Perth, wherein Christian young people join together in worship with a different faith tradition each month.

University of Melbourne ASCM has spent time and energy this semester clarifying some core ideas about who and what University of Melbourne SCM stands for and hopes to achieve.

New South Wales
While there are no active ASCM groups on campus, some ASCM members from NSW have combined with people from other campus Christian groups to form a “Stop the WTO Christian Coalition”. Members have also recently attended meetings of the Walk Against the War Coalition (i.e. war on Iraq) on behalf of the NSW SCM, and participated in rallies on the same issue.