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SCM Aoteaora goes through exciting times

May-August 2007

SCM Aotearoa goes through an uncertain but exciting period of reflection and planning. As our numbers have reduced, the structure by which we operate has unfortunately become a burden. This year, we will examine how we can best organise ourselves so we can take part in fellowship and study rather than administration. We are a small but passionate group committed to helping fellow students have access to the opportunities and experiences that SCM and WSCF provide.

SCM Canterbury is busy with a full program and has additional projects on the way. After the successful running of “Living the Questions” (an American study program that poses theological questions from a liberal/progressive perspective) last year, they will soon be running a follow up program titled “Saving Jesus”. The series explores the many ways we understand Jesus’ life, provides alternative theological thought and challenges participants to re-examine what they might know. A discussion group with a local progressive Presbyterian church also continues from last year.

Christchurch City was fortunate to have the renowned theologian and New Zealander Rev. Lloyd Geering in town recently to reflect on the many years that have passed since he was tried for heresy. Rev. Geering presented some challenging and stimulating concepts that were the subject of much discussion at a successful retreat held by SCM Canterbury.