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Student Christian Movement Aotearoa / New Zealand (SCMA)

SCMA holds National Conference 2003,
prepares for 3rd LITE

July-December 2003

2003 SCMA National Conference

The SCMA annual national conference was held in July at Millervale Campsite in Warrington Beach, near Dunedin. Conference highlights included a very stimulating forum led by a Dunedin Interfaith group, a talk from the Dunedin Prostitute’s Collective, and a night with local Senior Friends for a brief service followed by a presentation from Mandla akhe Dube about SCM Zimbabwe and the situation in Zimbabwe.

Live-In Theological Experience

SCMA is also preparing for the LITE (Live-In Theological Experience), which is run with Theology House and the support of Christian Conference of Aotearoa New Zealand (CCANZ). This is the third LITE that SCMA has co-organised and it will be held at the Cracroft Guide Centre from 8-12 December 2003. LITE is aimed at school-leavers and tertiary students and this year, the theme will be on peace, linking it with the World Council of Churches Decade to Overcome Violence.

National Secretary’s visit to Cambodia SCM

Tess Windle, national secretary of SCMA, visited the Cambodia SCM after her attendance at the SELF programme in Thailand. She met Paddy Noble who is there on a Movement Exchange programme between the 2 SCMs. Tess also met up with the students of Cambodia SCM whom she had sharing and exchanges with on the structures, activities and development of both SCMs. It was hoped that both SCMs will continue their close relationship in mutual encouragement and support.