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SCMA new staff and events for 2002

February 2002

SCMA has had a change of staff recently, with Michael Perkins, the National Secretary leaving to take up fulltime work in December with the Ministry of Education. He has been replaced by Tess Windle who has been a member of SCM for nearly ten years while she has been at university either studying or working. Two years ago she completed her Masters degree in Sociology on the Catholic Worker Movement in New Zealand and since then she has been working part-time in the Education Department. She will be working 20 hours a week in the SCMA office. SCMA has fortunately not lost Michael though and he is now a member of the National Co-ordinating Group and is still currently the webmaster of SCMA’s website (

Two main events on SCMA’s calendar this year are hosting the WSCF AP Women Doing Theology Workshop in September, in Wellington, and setting up a Regional Development Workers scheme. SCMA is very excited about having the Women Doing Theology Workshop in Aotearoa as it will be the first time in many years that an Asia-Pacific regional programme has been held in New Zealand. The other major development, the Regional Development Workers scheme, is also exciting as it means that local units will have part-time paid workers to help them expand and reach a wider number of students. Initial funding for the scheme has been found and the task this year will be to appoint people and get the scheme underway.