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UDPS 2011 on Water Justice

The WSCF global advocacy campaign launched the Water Justice Campaign on the World Water Day and invited the SCMs to observe the Universal Day of Prayers for Students (UDPS) on the theme Water Justice. The Advocacy and Solidarity Committee encouraged the SCMs to do campaign for Water Justice in their own communities. [read on]

World Christian students throw light
on pastors and priests who prey

Book Launch: “When Pastors & Priests Prey...”

When Pastors & Priests PreyMay 17-25, 2011
Kingston, Jamaica

The sexual abuse of female church members by church leaders is often ignored, overlooked or played down, according to a groundbreaking new book published this week. The book, When Priests and Pastors Prey¸ published by the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF), claims sexual abuse of adult women by clergymen is “silent killer” in many churches and families around the world. [read on]

113th UDPS on Decade to Overcome Violence

March 22, 2011 (Global Federation)

The 113th Universal Day of Prayer for Students (UDPS) will be celebrated on March 22nd. The ExCo decided to join the Universal Day of Prayer for Students this year with an awareness-raising campaign for water justice. The 2011 yearly theme is ‘Overcoming Violence’, so it fits easily to continue working on violence related to the environment in addition to other forms of violence.

Again, the celebration of the UDPS this year will be on March 22, 2011 instead of our regular February date, and we will propose that students all around the Federation engage in a common action for water justice. [read on]

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Universal Day of Prayer for Students 2010
“Climate Justice”

First celebrated in 1898, the Universal Day of Prayer for Students is observed on the third Sunday of February; in 2010 it is celebrated on February 21st. The UDPS is one of the oldest ecumenical days of prayer.

In line with WSCF's theme for 2010 the UDPS theme is 'Climate Justice'.  Former WSCF Chairperson Rev. Ejike Okoro of Nigeria has prepared the 2010 UDPS liturgy and accompanying Bible study on behalf of the Africa region. [more]

Bible Study
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WSCF Ecumenical Assistance Program (EAP) Forms Excellence Team

Immanuel Kintan, standing on the leftmost side, WSCF AP ExCo is joined by members of the “EAP Excellence Team”June 22-29, 2009
Amman, Jordan

The EAP project evaluation and training program was conducted in Amman, Jordan from June 22nd-29th 2009. The main aim of this event was to create an ‘Excellence Team’ composed of individuals from the different regions of WSCF that would serve as an ongoing evaluation and capacity-building team for the Federation. [read on]

Universal Day of Prayer for Students 2009
“Identity, Diversity and Dialogue”

February 15, 2009 (Global Celebration)

UDPS is celebrated annually by WSCF and its member organization since 1898. This year’s theme is “Identity, Diversity and Dialogue.”

To enable the National Movements to commemorate UDPS, the WSCF Inter-Regional Office prepared a common liturgy in three languages (English, Spanish, French) for everyone to use and contextualize in each country. We invite all SCMs in the Asia-Pacific region to celebrate this day and utilize the liturgy for their national UDPS celebration. The UDPS Liturgy is available online at the regional office and IRO.

Call to observe the 110th Universal Day of Prayer for Students

Last year over a hundred SCMers in Cité Soleil in Haiti celebrated the UDPS with a five-hour workshop of prayer and reflection. They sang, they prayed and shared their ideas on the realities of poverty and misery. They concluded that with God’s help, the power to change the conditions that bring about suffering is in their hands. The Haitian movement affirmed that this day of prayer was productive and promised to continue holding this celebration every year. [more]

UDPS 2009: On the context and theme “Identity – Diversity – Dialogue”

First celebrated in 1898, this year the UDPS is observed on or around February 15th. In line with WSCF’s theme for 2009 the UDPS theme is ‘Identity, Diversity and Dialogue’. WSCF’s Middle East Regional Office prepared the 2009 UDPS. [more]

UDPS Songs <PDF>
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Universal Day of Prayer for Students 2008
“Students in the 21st century”

This year the UDPS is celebrated on or around February 17th. WSCF’s Inter Regional Office has prepared the UDPS for 2008. In line with WSCF’s theme for 2008 the theme is ‘Students in the 21st Century’. Also included in the liturgy is the theme of the 34th General Assembly ‘Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.’ We hope this liturgy can be a resource throughout this year. [more]

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WSCF Global Programme on Migration

WSCF Global Programme on MigrationSeptember 2007
Mexico City

The program has begun when I arrived, having faced some hurdles in securing a VISA. Since Filipinos are one of the most “mobile” people in this era of neo-liberal globalization, and present in more than 100 countries as migrant workers, one can only obtain a VISA to Mexico after some scrutinizing. I find it ironic though that Mexico lays very stringent migration rules for Filipinos, since Mexico itself is topping in world’s three greatest recipients of migrants “dollar remittance”, including Philippines and India; and also one of the biggest “labour exporter”. [read on]

South Asian Young Peoples Interfaith Programme

South Asian Young Peoples Interfaith ProgrammeJune 22 to July 1, 2007
Bangalore, India

Youths from different South Asian countries, gathered at Fireflies Bangalore India, for a workshop aimed at fostering peace and bringing about social and ecological transformation from the perspective of religion, spirituality, and secularism. Thirty participants from five South Asian countries such as Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Sri Lanka participated the meeting. The training session took place at Fireflies Ashram, from 22nd June to 1st July, 2007. [read on]

Amity Easter tour in China 2007

Amity Easter tour in China 2007The Amity Easter Tour 2007 is an annual activity of the Amity Foundation in cooperation with the China Christian Council (CCC). The Tour aims to strengthen links between the Chinese churches and the international ecumenical community through a 10-days visit to the different churches, church educational institutions and seminaries, government offices working with churches and other religions in China, and Amity’s project sites and programs. [read on]

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WSCF scores success in raising its visibility at the WCC GA

WSCF scores success in raising its visibility at the WCC General AssemblyFebruary 14-24, 2006
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Immediately after the ExCo meeting, the group attended in full force the World Council of Churches' General Assembly from 14-24 February 2006 at the Pontificia Univesidade Catolica (PUC), Porto Alegre, Brazil. With the theme, "God in your Grace, Transform the World!", the Assembly was attended by almost 4,000 delegates, of which 3,000 were participants of the Mutirao Workshops—small parallel events organised on varied themes and topics. Touted as a "Youth Assembly" by WCC leaders, a pre-youth Assembly and various youth activities were organised outside the official business sessions to promote youth presence throughout the Assembly. [read on]

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WSCF Inter-Regional Women’s Programme
“Violence Against Women: Challenging Gender Roles
and Power Relations between Women and Men”

WSCF Inter-Regional Women’s ProgrammeJuly 24-31, 2005
Manila, Philippines

The WSCF Inter-Regional Women’s Programme on “Violence Against Women: Challenging Gender Roles and Power Relations between Women and Men” was held from 24-31 July 2005 in Manila, Philippines. Twenty-three people participated in this inter-regional programme that saw a global representation from the 6 regions of WSCF. [read on]