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WSCF Ecumenical Assistance Program (EAP) Forms Excellence Team

Immanuel Kintan, standing on the leftmost side, WSCF AP ExCo is joined by members of the “EAP Excellence Team”
Immanuel Kintan, standing on the leftmost side, WSCF AP
ExCo is joined by members of the “EAP Excellence Team”

June 22-29, 2009
Amman, Jordan

The EAP project evaluation and training program was conducted in Amman, Jordan from June 22nd-29th 2009. The main aim of this event was to create an ‘Excellence Team’ composed of individuals from the different regions of WSCF that would serve as an ongoing evaluation and capacity-building team for the Federation.

The Excellence Team members are the following: Youhanna Kamal Shawky, Treasurer of WSCF; Immanuel Kitnan, Asia-Pacific Region, Ex-Co member; Hind Farahat, Middle East Region Jordan; Elsy Wakil, Middle East Region Regional Secretary; Brandon Cook, North America Region, Ex-Co proxy; Hannah Satlow, Europe Region, Ex-Co member; Christine Housel, Global Project Manager (IRO); Michael Wallace, WSCF General Secretary; Belkys Teheran, Latin America and the Caribbean Region Ex-Co member; Denise Memel, Africa Region Ex-Co member.

The objective of forming the team is to assist national movements in managing the EAP projects. The team will work closely with the program administration of the WSCF Inter-regional Office (IRO) in order to make the EAP projects more systematic, progressive and beneficial to the movements.

The team will also format the projects and programs of the SCM to suit the requirements of the donor agencies of EAP. The training was held recognizing that the SCM as student organization are in need of skills and capacity to develop and manage projects at the national level. Also, the team aims to address the lapses on project writing, monitoring and evaluation caused by the rapid changes in the leadership of the SCMs. The training devoted a special session on reporting, structured evaluation of EAP project(s) on the basis of the Project Management Cycle. The training was conducted by members of the EAP External evaluators, TW Welch & Partners, Ltd (TWWP).

Commenting on his experience in participating in the training, Immanuel said, “I feel this is a very good move by the WSCF at this crucial time when the Federation is faced with a financial crisis. We know as the WSCF AP region we are highly dependent on the EAP grant, which was virtually finished in 2008. With the hard work of WSCF staff and the officers, we were able to continue with the EAP. This is another move to successfully involve the Ex-Co in the decision-making process of EAP. I personally believe that this team can constructively contribute to the life of the movements in managing the finances and projects in order to help the movements in their ministries. “

EAP is an instrument through which SCMs can take leadership in serving their members and larger communities and through which partner groups, churches and agencies can contribute to the activities of SCMs around the globe.