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WSCF Global Staff and Officers
meet amidst difficulties

June 16 to 24, 2011
Geneva, Switzerland
WSCF Global Staff and Officers meet

The WSCF Global Staff and Officers met at the WSCF Inter-regional Office (IRO) in Geneva from June 16 to 24, 2011. The Meeting was attended by Mr. Horacio Mesones, WSCF Chairperson; Ms. Janejinda Pawadee, Co-vice Chairperson; Ms. Shantha Ready, Co-vice Chairperson; Mr. Youhanna Kamal, Treasurer; Ms. Christine Housel, General Secretary; Ms. Georgine Kengne, Africa Regional Secretary; Mr. Luciano Kovacs, North America Regional Secretary; Mr. Marcelo Leites, LAC Interim Regional Secretary; Mr. David Masters, Europe Regional Secretary; Ms. Necta Montes, Asia-Pacific Regional Secretary; and Ms. Elsy Wakil, Middle East Regional Secretary. [read on]

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WSCF Global Executive Committee Meeting

WSCF Global ExCo MeetingOctober 29 to November 7, 2010
Beirut, Lebanon

The WSCF Executive Committee Meeting that was held from October 29 to November 7,2010 in Beirut, Lebanon. The meeting was held in conjuncture with the Training on Climate Justice. with WSCF AP’s representative to this meeting were Immanuel Kitnan as Exco member, Leni Valeriano as proxy to Bronwyn Crowe and Necta Montes as regional staff for Asia Pacific. [read on]

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WSCF Global Staff and Officers Meet Firms up
Four-year Federation’s Strategic Plan

WSCF Global Staff and OfficersFebruary 12-19, 2009
Geneva, Switzerland

The newly elected officers of WSCF for the quadrennial period and regional staff met last February 12-19, 2009 at the WCC Ecumenical Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

The meeting was attended by Horacio Mesones (Chair), Janejinda Pawadee and Shanta Ready (Vice-chairs), Michael Wallace (GS), Youhanna Kamal Shawky (Treasurer), Georgine Djeutane (Africa Regional Secretary), Necta Montes Rocas (Asia RS), Jooa Vuorinen (Europe RS), Dan Ortega (Latin America and Carribean RS), Elsy Wakil (Middle East RS) and Luciano Kovacs (North America RS). [read on]

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WSCF 34th General Assembly Calls for
Greater Prophetic Voice Among the Young

August 1-9, 2008
Montreal, Canada

WSCF 34th General Assembly

The 34th General Assembly (GA) of the World Student Christian Federation was held from 1-9 August 2008 at the College Jean de Brebeuf in Montreal, Canada with the theme “Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy “ (Joel 2:28). Attending the GA were (160) one hundred and sixty delegates coming from the 109 member movements of the Federation, senior friends, officers, staff, and guests.

WSCF 34th General AssemblyAsia-Pacific Movements delegates in the GA, were Ms. Jasmine Dron from Australia, Mr. Alison Baroi from Bangladesh, Ms. Phanou Kiev from Cambodia, Ms. Wanyu Poon and Lau Kim Ling from Hongkong, Ms. Goklas Nababan from Indonesia, Ms. Azusa Nakamura from Japan, Ms. Su-hye Kang from South Korea, Mr.Sohail Akhtar from Pakistan, Ms. Leni Valeriano from Philippines, Mr. Lu Phok-Bun from Taiwan, Mr. Francisco Soares from Timor Leste, Mr. Anucharn Siroros from SCM Thailand, Ms. Nina Nayoan, outgoing Exco member from Indonesia SCM and Ms. Necta Montes Rocas, AP Regional Secretary from Philippines. [read on]

FUANCE WSCF FUMEC 34th GA Montreal 2008WSCF 34th GA Concept paper

“Your Sons and Daughters Shall Prophesy”


Every four years WSCF holds a General Assembly as the most representative expression of the WSCF’s life. Its functions are:

WSCF General Assembly websiteTheme

Your sons and daughters shall prophesy (from the Book of the Prophet Joel)

“I shall pour out my Spirit on all humanity. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy... and your young people shall see visions.”

The theme from the prophet Joel is quoted in the story of Pentecost found in the Acts of the Apostles chapter 2. The text emphasises the role of youth in the dreams of the early church and the sense of optimism experienced at Pentecost. By choosing this theme, we seek to connect WSCF with the prophetic tradition and to express a sense of optimism, vision, strength and purpose for this General Assembly and the coming quadrennium. [read on]

WSCF Global Team Prepares for the 34th General Assembly

February 13-20, 2008
Geneva, Switzerland

The Staff and global officers of WSCF met in Geneva, Switzerland from February 13 to 20, 2008. The annual meeting was attended by the officers of the Federation, Dr. Kenneth Guest, WSCF Chairperson, Dr. Eilidh Whiteford and Adele Djomo Ngomedje, Vice-chairs, Youhanna Kamal Shawky, Treasurer; Michael Wallace, General Secretary; Georgine Kengne Djeutane, Africa Regional Secretary; Necta Montes Rocas, Asia-Pacific Regional Secretary; Dan Gonzales Ortega, Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Secretary. [read on]

Global Meetings for 2008

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WSCF 34th General Assembly in Quebec
North America Region Serves as Hosts

The 34th WSCF General Assembly will take place from August 1 to 10, 2008 at Collège Jean de Brébeuf, Montréal, Québec, Canada. With the theme, “Your sons and daughters shall prophesy (from the Book of the Prophet Joel), the GA will gather together 150 delegates from its member movements, officers and staff from over 100 countries worldwide. [read on]

WSCF Holds ExCo Meeting in Egypt

L-R: Tick, Necta, John from local host committee, Gabriela from LAC and NinaMay 31 to June 9, 2007
Alexandria, Egypt

The World Student Christian Federation - Inter Regional Office held its Executive committee (ExCo) in Alexandria, Egypt from May 31st - 9th June, 2007, hosted by the Middle East Region. The ExCo is the highest decision making body of the federation comprising of student representatives, officers, senior friends, Regional and Inter Regional staffs of WSCF representing Africa, Asia and Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North America. The special invitee was Ms. Kendra Dunbar from GBGM. [read on]

WSCF Global Team Meets in Geneva

WSCF Global Team Meets in GenevaFebruary 8-14, 2007
Geneva, Switzerland

The WSCF officers and staff met at the Inter-Regional Office of WSCF in Geneva, Switzerland from 8 to 14 February 2007. The seven-day meeting included discussions and sharing of the Federation’s programme plan and activities for 2007, visits and meetings with ecumenical partners and groups based in Geneva, worship and bible studies on the theme Migration, training and inputs on topics relevant to the work of the staff. [read on]

Global Meetings for 2007

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WSCF ExCo Meets in Porto Alegre, Brasil

WSCF ExCo MeetsFebruary 7-14, 2006
Porto Alegre, Brasil

The WSCF held its Executive Committee Meeting from 7-14 February 2006 at Hotel SESC Campestre in Porto Alegre, Brasil. The meeting was attended by 27 SCMers from around the world, which includes the ExCo members and some proxies from the 6 regions of the federation, the regional and IRO staff, officers, and guest from the funding partner and stewards. [read on]

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Strategic Planning Meeting of Officers and Staff

January 19 to 21, 2005
Le Cénacle, Geneva

WSCF had an extremely fruitful Strategic Planning Meeting of Officers and Staff in Le Cénacle, Geneva, on 19-21 January 2005. This meeting was attended by 5 regional secretaries of WSCF Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle-East and Latin America & Caribbean as well as Ken Guest (chairperson), Udan Fernando, Adéle Djomo Ngomedje, Eilidh Whiteford (vice-chairs) and Youhanna Kamal (treasurer). Michael Wallace, the new Secretary-General and Out-going Secretary-General, Lawrence Nana Brew were also present. [read on]

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“Talitha Cum! Arise to Life in Abundance!”

Since its establishment in 1895 as an ecumenical student movement, the WSCF has articulated its ecumenical vision and commitment on ecumenical student ministry throughout the various forms of works. In particular, the General Assembly, as the most representative expression of the WSCF’s life, has been a critical venue to consolidate the life of the Federation at national, regional and global level. [read on]

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WSCF ExCo Meeting 2003

October 25 to 31, 2003
New York

The WSCF ExCo meeting was held on 25-31 October in New York. The Asia-Pacific was represented by Vinay Kumar, Stephen Hsu and Shin Seung Min. This ExCo meeting was called with an urgency to cope with the financial crisis of the Federation that occurred early this year. Hence, much of discussion was focused on the restructuring of the Federation. [read on]

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WSCF ExCo Meeting 2002

February 11 to 24, 2002
Johannesburg, South Africa

The ExCo meeting was held in Johannesburg on February 11-24, 2002. Rev. Shin, Vinay Kumar and Michael Wallace represented Asia-Pacific region. Before the ExCo meeting, the ExCo members successfully organized the women and men’s caucus respectively. [read on]