World Student Christian Federation - Asia-Pacific Region (WSCF-AP)
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Global Meetings for 2013

WSCF Global Staff/Officers’ meeting and EAP training

February 13-20, Cairo, Egypt

The WSCF Global Staff Meeting will take place jointly with the EAP training this year. The Annual Staff Meeting is attended by the 6 WSCF Regional Secretaries, Gen. Secretary WSCF IRO, the IRO officers of the WSCF, and this year some of the EAP Commission members are expected to attend the training. The Meeting provides opportunity for the WSCF Executive Staff and Officers to share and discuss matters related to the daily work of the Federation, share reflections and evaluation of staff work and fine tune some of the difficulties in the operational work of the Staff Team and follow up of the WSCF Executive Committee Meeting in Berlin 2012. This year’s Staff and Officers Meeting is also planned to combine with the EAP training. The meeting will focus its work on the WSCF Strategic Plan, Global Fund‐raising Strategy, Global Advocacy Work and preparations for the WSCF participation during the WCC assembly in Busan, Korea and preparation for the WSCF General Assembly in 2014 in Mexico and the mandates of the Executive Committee. Attending these meetings are WSCF Regional Secretary, WSCF global Vice Chairperson Bronwyn Crowe

WSCF workshop, Executive Committee Meeting and WCC Assembly

October 23 - November 8, Busan, South Korea

The WCC is developing the 2013 Busan Assembly with the concept of an “expanded ecumenical space”, inviting ecumenical organizations to hold their own leadership meetings/ events before or after the Assembly and to use this Assembly space to think creatively together about the future of ecumenism. The WSCF ExCo decided to participate and advocate fully in the WCC Assembly, apart from holding our workshop, events, ExCo meeting before the Assembly.

This will be an opportunity for SCM Korea (KSCF) to participate, contribute, and inspire and challenge its own students to a strong vision for its future and its collaboration with other partners in the ecumenical movement. This event will be attended and participated by the WSCF global executive staff, ExCo members, students from KSCF and senior friends. WSCF will participate in the WCC Youth Pre-Assembly and will have access to many of the Assembly components and meetings. During the assembly WSCF will have a “booth” to talk with people about WSCF. Madang- WSCF will lead a workshop on Eco-Justice and will hold an exhibition. UDPS will be observed with the students and senior friends gathered in the assembly.