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WSCF Global Staff and Officers
meet amidst difficulties

June 16 to 24, 2011
Geneva, Switzerland
WSCF Global Staff and Officers meet

The WSCF Global Staff and Officers met at the WSCF Inter-regional Office (IRO) in Geneva from June 16 to 24, 2011. The Meeting was attended by Mr. Horacio Mesones, WSCF Chairperson; Ms. Janejinda Pawadee, Co-vice Chairperson; Ms. Shantha Ready, Co-vice Chairperson; Mr. Youhanna Kamal, Treasurer; Ms. Christine Housel, General Secretary; Ms. Georgine Kengne, Africa Regional Secretary; Mr. Luciano Kovacs, North America Regional Secretary; Mr. Marcelo Leites, LAC Interim Regional Secretary; Mr. David Masters, Europe Regional Secretary; Ms. Necta Montes, Asia-Pacific Regional Secretary; and Ms. Elsy Wakil, Middle East Regional Secretary.

The Meeting aimed to develop common understanding and interpretation of the current situation of WSCF related to its identity, governance, programs, and finance; to work on the strategic plan and action plan proposed by the WSCF Executive Committee; come-out with a common fund-raising strategy and agree on the Fund-raising Protocol; organize the funding partners meeting; installation of Christine Housel as the Co-secretary General, and develop the monitoring and evaluation tools for the staff.

WSCF Global Staff and Officers meetHighlights of the Meeting were the development of the “WSCF Emergency Plan” to address the financial difficulties of the Federation on the short term and long term basis. The Plan contains various strategies on Finance, Management, Governance and Institutional Relations. Another significant activity during the Meeting was the WSCF Funding Partners Meeting attended by representatives from the EED, Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance (EAA), Methodist Church in UK, ACT Alliance, Lutheran World Federation (LWF), World Council of Churches (WCC) and EMW. The Partners Meeting was a venue to present the WSCF Quadrennial Strategic Plan, share the stories and progress of WSCF life in the regions, elicit feedback from the partners and develop closer relations with the partners.

WSCF Global Staff and Officers meetThe Meeting ended with the installation ceremony of Christine Housel as General Secretary, attended by senior friends, ecumenical partners and friends of WSCF.

The Staff and Officers also bid farewell to Necta Montes and David Masters, both ending their term in 2011 and welcomed Marcelo Leites in the Staff Team.