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WSCF ExCo Meets in Porto Alegre, Brasil

February 7-14, 2006
Porto Alegre, Brasil
WSCF ExCo Meets

The WSCF held its Executive Committee Meeting from 7-14 February 2006 at Hotel SESC Campestre in Porto Alegre, Brasil. The meeting was attended by 27 SCMers from around the world, which includes the ExCo members and some proxies from the 6 regions of the federation, the regional and IRO staff, officers, and guest from the funding partner and stewards.

Highlights of the decisions made during this ExCo meeting were: the appointment of Brandon Mcgilvin from the US, as North America Regional Secretary and the subsequent approval of the setting-up of the WSCF North America regional office in Toronto, Canada; the approval of the updated Personnel Policy, Property Guidelines, EAP Guidelines of the Federation; the formation of the Support Group by the Women's Commission to support the work of the interregional women's coordinator Sunita Suna from India, who is now based in the regional office in Nairobi, Kenya. The ExCo also discussed and approved the proposal brought forth by the North America Regional Committee for the 34th WSCF General Assembly to be held in August 2008 in Quebec, Canada.

The ExCo also showed appreciation and discussed thoroughly the report of the 2005 Interregional Leadership Programme on the theme "Violence Against Women" in Manila presented by Eilidh Whiteford, WSCF's vice-chairperson from Scotland. With the success of this pilot project, the ExCo recommended to adopt this model of programming in future Inter-regional Programmes and to include more students in the preparatory committee. These recommendations were taken in the planning session of the "Christians and Empire" Program which will be held in the first week of August 2006 in Nairobi, Kenya.

WSCF ExCo MeetsThe ExCo reflected on the reports presented individually by the Ken Guest, Chairperson, Adel and Eilidh (co-vice chairpersons), Youhanna (treasurer), Michael Wallace (General Secretary) and the 5 Regional Staff, giving a comprehensive view on the state of the federation in the last two years. With the "financial crisis" contained and managed in the last two years, the officers and the operational staff were able to focus its effort in "putting the house in order", by gradually implementing the strategic plan of the federation, working for greater regional and global programme coordination and ensuring that the recommendations of the General Assembly are followed through. The Regional report also presented a marked increase in the dynamism and energy in regional programming and activities in the life of the national movements.

One of the issues addressed during the meeting was the ambiguity of role and expectation of the ExCo members vis-a-vis the other decision-making bodies of the federation. This came after several members expressed concern that they have not fulfilled their functions as officers after one and half year of being elected. The ExCo went through a process of brainstorming its role in terms of its constitutional mandate, how it had previously functioned, and what is the ideal situation and expectations vis-a-vis its current vision. Concretely, the group also proposed that the ExCo meeting should be held within six months right after the General Assembly.