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WSCF ExCo Meeting 2003

October 25 to 31, 2003
New York

The WSCF ExCo meeting was held on 25-31 October in New York. The Asia-Pacific was represented by Vinay Kumar, Stephen Hsu and Shin Seung Min. This ExCo meeting was called with an urgency to cope with the financial crisis of the Federation that occurred early this year. Hence, much of discussion was focused on the restructuring of the Federation. The followings are some of discussion that was transpired during the ExCo meeting:

The Co-Secretary General Model – Since this model is vital in upholding the equal partnership of women and men in the Federation, the ExCo decided to keep the model. However, in lieu of the financial difficulties, one position will be vacant until the financial situation improves.

  1. IRO office relocation – The ExCo decided to start the research on several cities in the world where the administration cost could be reduced drastically. The concrete proposal will be made to next ExCo in 2004.
  2. Regions and IRO – The ExCo confirmed the importance of regional works. However, the ExCo felt that the gap between Regions and IRO in terms of co-ordination has been a critical hindrance of the life and works of the Federation. Therefore, the ExCo reiterated the importance of team-work among IRO and regional staff.
  3. 33rd General Assembly – The ExCo confirmed that the GA should be organised next year regardless of current financial difficulties. The date is 5-14 August, and the venue is Thailand.

At the last day of the meeting, the ExCo re-affirmed the vision and mission of the Federation with the following statement.

The identity, mission & vision of WSCF:

The WSCF is a global community of SCMs committed to dialogue, ecumenism, social justice and peace. Our mission is to empower students in critical thinking and constructive transformation of our world by being a space for:

  1. Prayer and celebration
  2. Theological reflection
  3. Study and analysis of social and cultural processes and
  4. Solidarity and action across boundaries of culture and ethnicity

Through the work of Holy Spirit, the WSCF is called to be a prophetic witness in church and society. This vision is nurtured by a radical hope for God’s reign in history.